I like to stimulate and inspire people. Creating experiences. Telling stories through design and communication. That is in my opinion the most beautiful thing there is. Making the fantasy real.


As a designer I like to think about what is driving people. Why do they prefer a certain colour or what makes them happy? The psychology behind choices is something I am interested in and something I think about every day.


The power of design can change the experience of eating food, wearing a product or thinking about a certain subject. It's about ambiance, material, colour, styling, setting etcetera. 


Illustrating is the discipline that comes the most natural to me. ''If you can draw it you can make it.''

Brands I've worked for are Netflix, Mailwriter, Clipper Tea, Parool, FD Persoonlijk , Hermès, Dopper, Ici Paris.



Erasmiaans Gymnasium (Finished in 2009)


Rietveld (orientation year)


Media & Culture UvA (Propedeuse)


Design Academy Eindhoven (Graduated in 2018)



Focussed on concept, research,

graphic and illustrative design


basic HTML and CSS knowledge


Sketch, Figma,  Procreate, Designer,

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign,

Premiere, After effects, Animate CC