These stress tools are designed to help women who suffer from body-focused repetitive behaviour (BFRB) such as skin picking, hair pulling and nailbiting. Scientific studies show that 2-3 % of the population experience these sorts of compulsive behaviour daily, and most of them are women. These Body Trinkets are designed specifically to help combat their impulses, by offering a safe substitute for picking, pulling and biting. 



Because of the skin damage that happens with BFRB, there's a lot of depression and shame associated with it. The Body Trinkets are meant to be worn visibly on the body, so as to shine a light on a problem that's usually hidden from view and not talked about. In that way, they will not only help the wearer when stress kicks in, but they can make the problem of BFRB a more openly discussed topic, helping women in the process of their recovery.


Hairpulling affects 2 % op the population. Some scientists say these people have a lack of the hormone serotonine (happiness hormone ) in their body so unconsciously they try to find another way to supplement the hormone like pulling the hair.


Skinpicking Is most of the time coupled with skin conditions. When the skin is dry or rough the person with dermatillomania feels the urge to make it 'smooth' again. This results in redness, wounds or infections of the skin.


Nailbiting is very common. 600 million people around the world are doing it. It can result in damaging or deforming the fingertips permanently. The urge comes up when the person feels stressed, bored or needs to concentrate.

When someone feels the need to pull or pluck their hair in times of stress or boredom, this disorder is called trichotillomania and it's part of the Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviour (BFRB) familiy. Only 1% of all people who deal with this disorder will eventually stop without any help. For the rest of those afflicted, this necklace will help to deal with the constant longing to pull out hair. The necklace contains a cartridge with white polystyrene hairs that can be pulled out or played with like normal hair. When all hairs are gone, the cartridge is easily removed with the magnet system and can be replaced by a new set

People who constantly feel the need to pick or scratch their skin in times of stress or boredom suffer from the disorder dermatillomania. It's part of the Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviour (BFRB) family. This bracelet is specifically designed to help people who suffer from this disorder deal with their constant longing without damaging their skin. The bracelet has a structure of silicone that mimics the texture of real skin, including those uneven parts that sufferers from dermatillomania will gravitate towards for rubbing, picking or scratching. When the silicone is out, the cartridge can be easily replaced using the magnet system.

When someone feels the need to bite or eat their nails in times of stress or boredom, it's called Onychophagia. This disorder is part of the Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviour (BFRB) family. 45% of young people cope with this habit, but some of them will never stop. For those people this ring is designed, to help them with their longing to bite and eat their nails. The ring has an cartridge filled with eating paper made out of starch. These slices of paper mimic the human nails and can be eaten or sucked safely, in the same manner as real nails. When the paper runs out, the cartridge is easily removed with the magnet system and can be replaced by a new set.