Product Design Concept

Designed for the Great Tit (Koolmees). The birdhouse is made out of ceramics and plastic, is easy to clean and can be attached to any balcony railing (square or round). The lid is designed in a way so the birds can eat and drink from it. The lower part is designed so the birdhouse is stable and can't fall down.


Product Design Packaging and Concept

 Create a souvenir for Argentina. The Jesuits were of great importance in the history of education and religion of Argentina. They used to make wine, candles, soap and so on. The 'Seven Sin Soap' tells something about the oldest performed jobs in Argentina and their culture. 


Product Design Concept

In collaboration with the company 'Dopper' we had to design a water fountain in the style of  'Dopper'. This creation is a low in price solution for fresh water at the office. Instead of an expensive water tank that needs a lot of energy to stay cool, the 'Desk Dopper' functions the same without the extra costs. The big plastic bottle can be filled with water and placed on the frame. Attached is the faucet so it can control the water amount. 


Product Design Concept

This amplifier, suited for any smartphone, was created by downgrading an existing product, which was an assignment in Man & Activity. The existing product was the expensive, hand made and wooden Akoostik amplifier. The Plastic Acoustic comes in 4 basic colours and is made from polyethylene sheets joined together. It is supposed to function as a give away product.